Heather M.
My two girls are extremely shy and normally glued to my legs around strangers, so I was doubtful the photo session would go well. The kids sensed Tanya’s warm and friendly personality right away, and not only did she get them to open up, but by the end of the session my 2.5 year old was asking for more pictures to be taken.
The end result was amazing, creative and unique photos that will be displayed in our home for a long time. I love that this project not only involves beautiful photos of our children, but helps our community as well.

Roxanne R.
The Kids of Vancouver photo shoot was such a memorable experience for my son and I. Tanya and Jeff are both so great with kids, and made it a fun event, that you didn't want to end. They really considered my son's individual likes and dislikes and personality and did an amazing job capturing it all on film so much so that I was overcome with emotion to the point of tears when I first saw the images.
The canvas we chose is always commented on by friends and family visiting our home. I was glad that we'd ordered additional Kids of Vancouver books as everyone that saw them asked if they could get one, too! I'd highly recommend this to anyone, and plan to participate as long as Liam is willing to.

Erin R.
I was really impressed with the amount of time Tanya spent with the kids and the patience she had for interruptions, unexpected complications and an uncooperative baby. She related really well with my 2 year old son and persevered with my 4 month old daughter even though Charlotte was very distracted.
I loved the variety of shots and expressions she captured with the kids - there was a lot to choose from! I also really appreciated that we were able to choose our own venue for the shots - it was just another day in the park for the kids so they had a good time.
Tanya is an amazing photographer and put us all at ease. I was worried about selling my husband on this whole experience but he was so impressed with the photographs, their presentation and the whole experience that we not only brought home an extra Kids of Vancouver book but some extra images of the kids for our walls.
I would enthusiastically recommend Veridamo for anyone looking for a professional photographer for any occasion and look forward to the opportunity to use them again some day for ourselves.

Tina D.
The experience of Veridamo Photography is reflected in the expertise of Tanya and her ability to engage the children in the experience they were having in the session. Often they forgot that they were having their photos taken and that is why the pictures look so real and so inviting.  Since I work with "at risk youth and their families" I couldn't be more satisfied being involved in a project that contributes to the foodbanks.
This is a fundraiser project that is a great deal of fun but the bottom line is contributing to feeding our community just makes common sense. . Once my family members heard about the pictures in the book and knew the money was going to such a worthy cause they ordered one for themselves.  It is obvious that Tanya is a gifted photographer and I would most definitely be part of the experience again and if I need to hire a professional photographer in the future she is definitely at the top of my list.

Sandra B.
It was nice to be able to donate to the Foodbank, and get some great images of the kids at the same time. The kids had lots of fun rolling in the grass and running around freely, while Tanya captured it all.  

Marnie C.
We have been getting our children's photos done with Veridamo Photography for four years now and we are so glad we have.  Our two children have grown so much over those years and we have some amazing keepsakes because of the beautiful canvas pictures and photo albums that they have created for us.  They have made each experience wonderful for our children to enjoy their session as well as the ease for us as parents to relax and enjoy the memories they create for us.  We have so loved the amazing and beautiful memories that Veridamo has captured for us and we will be forever grateful.  Please enjoy their artwork as much as we have! 

Julie N.
Tanya was excellent with our girls, accepting them with their messy hair and eclectic outfits - and she was still able to capture photos that were uniquely "them". We thoroughly enjoyed the kids in vancouver photo session and the whole experience of working with Tanya and Veridamo, from inital booking, the ease of locations, and the screening of the images. They were always understanding of the nature of kids and families and made the whole process enjoyable!

Janet B.
My kids and I really enjoyed the experience of being photographed, my daughter was just asking me the other day if we could do it again. It turned out to be a super fun day in the park. Tanya was really great with the kids and made them so at ease, even a few tears from my son didn't deter her. She managed to pull both kids out of their shells and make the whole experience very positive.
The images themselves were incredible and I love the candid photos the best. Customer service was great. We would do it again in a heartbeat. It was great making such a large donation to the food bank at one time. We gave the book and photos to our family at Christmas and they were very well received.

Cynthia V.
What a wonderful surprise we got in the mail this week. Thank you so much for sending the pictures to us. The pictures are amazing. You truly have an amazing gift. We can't wait to share them with everyone...Thank you again for all you have done for us.  It means so much to have these wonderful memories.

Eldean S.
Originally we weren’t planning to be in the photos themselves but Tanya got us in front of the camera too and we ended up buying almost all the shots we were in. Tanya was so excellent with the kids, and with us, that we all ended up having fun. We love the images very much and everyone that we show our album to loves it. We appreciated that it was for such a good cause and I’m happy to have our kids be a part of it.

Lindsay D.
The Kids of Vancouver project itself is what drew me to Veridamo - I was very impressed with the charity aspect of it. When it came to the session we had a great time. Everyone was very relaxed and calm and we had lots of fun. The images were beautiful and really captured the essence of our kids. Tanya was great, very personable, and so she was able to put our kids at ease immediately.

Lisa C.
Tanya was great to work with.  Very easygoing, relaxed and helped us to enjoy ourselves.  My 1-year old son had a great time as he was allowed to play and explore and just be himself.  This makes things really easy when dealing with short attention spans and made for a fun session for our whole family (dogs included).
I LOVED the images that came out of our session with Tanya!  They were natural and candid and yet captured the different personalities of each of our family members.  A year later they still remain some of my favourite photos of my son’s first year.
The Kids of Vancouver book was a great project to be a part of.  From participating we had a fabulous photo session, a picture of our son in the book and were able to support local charities that are very dear to us.